About Us

Glimmer Games is an independently financed game development studio run by people who love games, for people who love games. Because we're independent, we don't have to release our games when they're not quite finished and still have a few bugs in them.We don't have to sacrifice quality to meet deadlines. We don't have to compromise our vision in order to achieve a Christmas release. We're free to keep working and polishing our games until they're really finished, polished and bug-free.

In recent years, the retail games market has focused almost exclusively on first person shooters like Halflife 2 and real time strategy games like Warhammer 40k. These are great games, but not everyone wants to play them. At Glimmer Games, we know that gamers want choices. To this end, we have made it our business to create and sell the games that you just can't buy in stores any more.

But there are lots of independent developers and publishers out there doing that, right? So what makes us different? We believe you shouldn't have to accept a drop in quality and professionalism just because you buy a game online from an independent developer. We believe that our games should be as beautiful and as polished and as professional as any game you can buy. More than that, we're prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all of our games.

All this, and we've barely started. Things are only going to get better at Glimmer Games.