6th August, 2005

TriviaNet Challenge Released

Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Trivia Challenge. TriviaNet Challenge features over 6,000 questions covering the widest possible range of subjects and difficulty levels. Your quizmaster for this game is the sarcastic TriviaNet computer, which will do it's best to demoralize and distract you.

And if you're looking for a way to get your kids to do a little learning at home without them feeling like it's hard work, what could be better than a game which gives them so much fun they don't even notice that they're learning?

The free full-featured demo is available now.


5th August, 2005

Mahjong Towers Eternity Released

As part of our policy of bringing you the very best and very latest games from selected developers reaches a new high with Mahjong Towers Eternity. This is the fastest selling game in years, and is so new that you will be hard put to find it anywhere else. We bring you the best new games first.

The third installment of the award-winning Mahjong Solitaire series offers three different play modes, and allows you to create your own tile sets & backdrops. And there is a real community building up around this game. You can share your layouts, chat with players using in-game messaging, and new items are constantly being added. In fact, it's almost like you're getting a new game every time the game is updated, and you never have to pay another cent for all this additional content.


4th August, 2005

New Newsletter System Adopted

We have moved over to a new system for handling our newsletter signup's, which will be activated in the next day or two. The system is now double-opt in, which means that you will need to confirm your request to sign up to the Glimmer Games newsletter after you initially sign up. Enter your email address into the signup box and you will be sent an email asking you to confirm that you want to sign up to the newsletter. Once you confirm, you will be on the list. If you have any problems signing up, please contact us and we will add you to the list manually.

15th March, 2005

Pop-A-Holic Released

Pop-A-Holic is an action/puzzle game with some very new ideas. One of the major new twists offered by Pop-A-Holic is frustration-free gameplay. No longer must you struggle and struggle to get past that one level you're stuck on before you can progress. Now you can simply give it your best shot and get on with the next level. If you didn't complete the level, don't worry, you can have a try next time!

Pop-A-Holic ships with over 220 levels, and a full-featured level editor to make your own levels. Additional levels will be made available to newsletter subscribers and in free updates.


21st January, 2005

Kick Shot Pool Released

"Another new game," you say? Well yes, but not just another new game, this is something a bit special. Not only does it have all the beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay and range of features you've come to expect from Glimmer Games, it also has full multiplayer options, so you can play against other players from all over the world. You don't even have to find someone to play against, as the game automatically tracks all online games and matches you up with someone to play against. If you haven't already gone to the buy page to buy this game, hurry over and try the fully playable demo version.

Special Bundle Offer

To celebrate the release, we are allowing you the opportunity to get Anime Bowling Babes at half price when you buy Kick Shot Pool. That's right, for a limited time only, you get a full $10 saving on the normal price!!


11th January, 2005

Anime Bowling Babes Released

PC Action Magazine said it best when they said "The game everyone has been waiting for is finally here", and indeed it is. Much more than a simple bowling game, this game is huge. Six fully animated anime babes, five beautiful arenas and a full length audio soundtrack, all crammed into a download suitable even for dial up users. Well don't waste any more time reading this, there's a fully playable demo version with your name on it.


9th January, 2005

Glimmer Games Website Launched

Today the brand new Glimmer Games site has been launched. Some of the older games have been cleared out, but one or two old favorites will be making a return very soon. Even more excitingly, we have two - YES TWO - brand new games coming in the next couple of weeks. Check back soon or better yet, sign up for the Glimmer Games Newsletter, because you won't want to miss out on these new releases.