Kick Shot Pool

Kick Shot Pool Kick Shot Pool Kick Shot Pool

Challenge your pool skills against a wide range of computer, human and online opponents. The most natural, realistic game of pool you'll ever play on your home PC. Just like having your own pool table at home!

  • Realistic physics.
  • Beautiful 3d graphics.
  • A wide range of computer opponents to suit all skill levels.
  • Practice, Exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, all the game modes you could possible want!
  • 8 Ball,9 Ball & Straight Pool - Whatever game of pool you prefer, you can play!
  • Intuitive controls - Makes it easy and natural to judge the pace of your shots. No more imprecise power bars!
  • Like having a pool table in your own home, for just $19.95 and without having to empty an entire room!

Download Size: 5MB ( Typical Download Time: Less than 1 Minute )

Price : Only $19.95 USD

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System Requirements: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP / 500 MHz / 64.0MB RAM / DirectX 7.0